Bach & Friends
"Estelle Revaz presents a demanding program which she interprets at a very high technical level. The sound is pure perfection, her phrasing is extremely clear and the dynamics are exceptionally refined. Estelle Revaz' performances are particularly unique and reveal that she is a masterful advocate of music, be it ancient or contemporary."

Remy Frank

Pizzicato, March 2017

“On her new album Estelle Revaz demonstrates courage and skill, overcoming the technical pitfalls set by the highest pinnacles of music with comfortable mastery of her art. She shows why she certainly belongs to the great international hopes of her instrument.”

CLASS:aktuell, April 2017

"Estelle Revaz has explored Bach's Cello Suites with a new perspective and has discovered passionate parallels with modern contemporary music. This is one of the best cello concepts of the moment!"

Hans-Dieter Grünefeld

Musik und Theater, January 2018

"Estelle Revaz is brilliant with a sparkling and exciting momentum. Her playing has punch, it emanates voluptuous temperament as well as sensual fantasy."

Stefan Pieper

Klassik Heute, April 2017

“The entire sequence of the pages is played with a logic and flair that gives them an almost choreographic quality, an aspect which is never impaired by the acrobatic virtuosity of a performer with the ability to sprinkle an array of instrumental colors that go hand in hand with a warm, all-encompassing lyricism. The dynamic contrasts, the completeness of expression and the full, velvety, melodic contours of Estelle Revaz’s playing mean that even what are in principle the most austere parts of the recording are conveyed with a wonderful blend of intelligence and sensitivity. Thus she is able to release their full emotional potential and highlight similarities between the music of Bach and a number of important composers of our time.”

Yves Allaz

Scènes Magazine, September 2017

“On the cover of this album, Estelle Revaz holds her cello above her head in a triumphant gesture – and one quickly realizes that it is justified! For this CD, the artist has chosen two of Bach’s Cello Suites, interspersing each movement with a short contemporary piece. First of all, we can appreciate Estelle Revaz’s talent in the famous Bach Cello Suites (…). The Preludes exude poetry, the Allemandes are full of imagination and the Courantes as fast as you like, while the Minuets are gracious and the Sarabandes serious. Estelle Revaz’s performances remain faithful to the music written, which is also part of what makes them magnificent and captivating. The contemporary works require other qualities; the style is different, as is the technique. Estelle Revaz evidently masters this demanding repertoire with ease, and delivers it eloquently. This is sure to be a success… what a joy to play at such a high level!”

Jan de Kuijff

Musicalifeiten, April 2017

"Estelle Revaz’s energy and involvement light up her performances – an artist to discover right away!"

Laurent Graulus

RTBF, February 2018

"Estelle Revaz moves with great ease from Baroque aesthetic to contemporary aesthetic and navigates remarkably between tradition and modernity: young artist and real "friend of Bach", already at the summit of her art!"

Edith Weber

L'éducation musicale, June 2017

“We salute the musical intelligence of this young musician, as well as her art of playing the cello that gives her the perfect vehicle for its expression.”

Jean-Marc Warszawski

Musicologie, June 2017

“The Bach Suites have been with Estelle Revaz since she was a child. This longstanding closeness to the works gives her interpretation both precision and flexibility, expressiveness and restraint. Her phrasing gives prominence to the musical structure without constraining her freedom as a soloist. Here, Revaz appears as a narrator of history, carving its words around her personal sensitivities.”
L’ENA, Hors les Murs, June 2017

"Estelle Revaz was made by fire. Her playing combines marvellously, assurance and sensitivity, momentum and abandon."

Jean-Jacques Roth

Le Matin Dimanche, July 2017

“Following her first album (Cantique, Neos), which she recorded with the Orchestre Musique des Lumières and its director, Facundo Agudin, cellist Estelle Revaz now cements the promise she gave glimpses of in the past.”

Rocco Zacheo

La Tribune de Genève, June 2017