"Of Schelomo, by Ernest Bloch and Pitture by Andreas Pflüger, Estelle Revaz gives a version with a sovereign beauty, a great fluidity associated with a keen sense of nuances and construction. Serious and sensual, her play exalts the calls to Schelomo's dream and delivers in Pitture an intense lyricism ... "

Yves Allaz

Scène Magazine, November 2015

"CANTIQUE is a magnificent journey to the heart of the senses conducted by F. Agudin in perfect harmony with the soloist, who demonstrates supreme musical maturity. CANTIQUE is a beautiful recording which asserts its unique character. "

Dominique Rosset

L’Hebdo, November 2015

"CANTIQUE is a serious, incisive and demanding disc where the orchestra and the soloist play with finesse and intelligence in a beautiful musical symbiosis"

Sylvie Bonier

LE TEMPS, November 2015

"Schelomo cannot leave indifferent as its interiority and its emotional strength but also its impulses of revolt run through a very successful interpretation where the Swiss soloist Estelle Revaz defends ardently and with great sensitivity this moving work of undeniable veracity. "

Jean-Luc Caron

ResMusica, December 2015

"The soloist Estelle Revaz has an immense talent for someone so young (...) This album seems to be really surrounded by the ardent lyricism of the cellist. The opportunity to meet a young virtuoso in full flight..."

Marie-Alix Pleines

Le Courrier, September 2015

"In Ernest Bloch's Hebraic Rhapsody, Estelle Revaz employs a full and generous sound; her tempos are daring and on the slow side, but they make this work the recording's centre of gravity. In Pitture by Andreas Pflüger, a new concerto dedicated to the cellist, she goes toe to toe with the orchestra with spirit and conviction."

Matthieu Chenal

24 Heures, November 2015

“Soloist Estelle Revaz plays with subtlety; she knows how to let the works take centre stage and obscure her presence behind them, leaving space for the listener’s imagination.”


Le Revue Musicale der Suisse Romande, September 2015