“The cello is singing magnificently, at times powerful or languid… Especially romantic in this new album of the Swiss Musician Estelle Revaz where it is generously showcased by the piano of Francois Killian. It is a regal program where every component brightly emphasize the principle of the fugue."
La Liberté, May 2019

"Brahms and Strauss, under Estelle Revaz’ bow become lighter, risks some “ pirouettes” without ever renouncing their melancholic strains. Estelle Revaz is simply a dream cello personified!"
Elle, April 2019

"Estelle Revaz is a cellist who knows how to make her instrument sing and a pianist who knows how to follow her in her outbursts full of melodies ! A new CD you simply cannot do without it."
Musicalifeiten, April 2019