"With a full sound, phrasing that is generous but precise and well-structured tempos, cellist Estelle Revaz reiterates on her third album the surprising musical maturity that makes her one of the rising stars of a new generation of great artists. This double- quick duo performance looks set to be a hit!"

Le Courrier, June 2019

“The cello is singing magnificently, at times powerful or languid… Especially romantic in this new album of the Swiss Musician Estelle Revaz where it is generously showcased by the piano of Francois Killian. It is a regal program where every component brightly emphasize the principle of the fugue."

La Liberté, May 2019

"Brahms and Strauss, under Estelle Revaz’ bow become lighter, risks some “ pirouettes” without ever renouncing their melancholic strains. Estelle Revaz is simply a dream cello personified!"

Elle, April 2019

"After Cantique in 2015 and Bach & Friends in 2017, Estelle Revaz shows up again her eminent qualities of interpreter in Fugato, her third album newly released and devoted to three Sonatas for cello and piano by Beethoven, Brahms and Richard Strauss. The cellist benefits from the exemplary accompaniment of Francois Killian, a pianist whose sound palette is as extensive as it is varied. He also excel in bringing out the grand lines of the text , while taking great care of playing every minute detail of the partition.
There is a marvelous complicity between the two protagonists in the Beethoven Opus 102/2 as they play with an ample breath and perfectly united. Estelle Revaz gives to the score and intense and quivering lyricism all the while having at her disposal a vast assortment of nuances all the way until the contrapuntal development of the Allegro Fugato which ends the piece.
In the Brahms Sonata No.1 Opus 38, the cellist deploys a play full of feline flexibility, an inexhaustible variety of colors and atmospheres while showing up every single detail of the text. Passing ever so smoothly from shadow to light, she knows how to highlight the changing moods of the score which is sometimes full of melancholic poetry and sometimes vibrant of impetuosity which comprise the final Allegro done in a Fugato style.
Composed by Richard Strauss between his sixteenth and nineteenth year, the Sonata in F Major Opus 6 possesses also a Fugato episode in its central Andante ma non troppo. Joining finesse and vitality Estelle Revaz and Francois Killian play in one united breath this engaging score integrating its dynamic contrasts with a total conception well balanced and homogeneous. They draw its melodious curves in an odd mixture of rigor and sensitivity, therefore giving a complete justice to the tumultuous eloquence of this youthful oeuvre… while a bit unruly.
This whole disc has been not only judiciously conceived but superbly interpreted."

Scènes Magazine, September 2019

"Fugato is a third album brimming with finesse: released this spring, it displays a richness of temperament. With her Grancino instrument, Estelle Revaz adds delicate nuances to her rounded playing style without the need for overstatement. Her harmony with pianist François Killian is such that it produces a convincing musical relationship between the two. Their interpretation of these three very well-known sonatas gives them a brand new brilliance. A total success!"

Le Nouvelliste, August 2019

"Estelle Revaz is a cellist who knows how to make her instrument sing and a pianist who knows how to follow her in her outbursts full of melodies ! A new CD you simply cannot do without it."

Musicalifeiten, April 2019

“Dazzling! The Grancino at its most resonant!”

24 Heures, May 2019

“A wonderful understanding shows through in the interpretation, and in the ability of the pianist to follow the momentum of the cello to perfection.”

Le Revue Musicale der Suisse Romande, August 2019